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Vintage Blue-Collar Blues

“Straight-up, muscular blue-collar blues out of New Jersey,” says the UK’s Blues & Rhythm magazine when describing the sound of Vin Mott’s style from his first hit release entitled “Quit the Women for the Blues” (2017). Vin is currently a rising star out of the Northern NJ music scene who is building a reputation on the East Coast for his loyalty to the authentic traditional sounds of the Chicago/Memphis style blues of the 40’s and 50’s which is only matched by his talent as a singer/harmonica/band leader and hard work ethic. In 2019 Vin Mott released his sophomore album entitled “Rogue Hunter” which again received worldwide radio play and praises from the blues world’s top publications. “Mott’s muscular harp is tough and heartfelt and complements his vocal clarity,” said Making A Scene.



Vin Mott has been a musician all his life. Growing up in North Jersey, Vin was involved with every musical class offered throughout middle school and high school. After high school, he went on to study at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA where he graduated with a Bachelors Degree of Music focusing on Songwriting (class of 2011). He found himself playing drums in a rock band called Rack Em Lets Go which toured extensively on the jam band circuit in the North East US. In 2013 Vin moved back to NJ and formed his own band (as the lead singer/harmonica player), the Vin Mott Blues Band, and began booking gigs at every bar and venue that would have him. While heating up on the local circuit, he also began booking national tours around the country playing extensively in the South and also in CA and all over the North East. Vin released two full length original albums under his own name, Quit the Women For The Blues (2017) and Rogue Hunter (2019) both of which received national and international radio play, reviews in top blues publications, and landed him high profile festival gigs. Today, Vin is still hustling as a band leader/singer/harmonica player, booking tours, recording his own original blues music, and building a reputation for his authenticity, vintage sound, and entertainment chops. He also freelances as a drummer, mostly working with blues, rockabilly, and swing groups around the North East. In 2020 Vin will be relocating to Austin, TX to continue to pursue his career as a blues and roots musician.



"Its good to see musicians of any age bringing forth the blues in a traditional manner, and catching the Vin Mott Blues Band live in the NJ/Austin area is a great way to get that comforting sound delivered by a fresh face." 

- Guy Powell - Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazine

"Vin Mott’s debut release Quit The Women For The Blues is an entertaining slab of modern harmonica-led blues that openly displays the notable influence of several first-generation electric blues icons as well as second generation stars such as the Paul Butterfield Band."

- Rhys Williams - Blues Blast Magazine

"Mott’s muscular harp is tough and heartfelt and complements his vocal clarity."

- Richard Ludmerer - Making A Scene 

"This is a stone cold winner for people who want to hear blues that’s a stew of the best parts of all their fave styles sweetly mixed up all at once into a cool, new whole.  Well done." 

- Midwest Record 

"Jersey-bred harmonica man Vin Mott completes the hat trick necessary to make a splash in the present-day blues world; his solid harp work and convincing vocal delivery getting a further boost from his genre-savvy lyrical sense."

- Duane Verh - Roots Music Report

"If you love good ol’ harp-and-slide-driven combo styled blues, getcha a big plate of cornbread and have lunch with a real “Rogue Hunter!”

- Sheryl and Don Crow - The Nashville Blues And Roots Alliance 

"Mott certainly is the love child of the kings of Blues harp and also possesses the necessary chops to sing just as good as well." 

- Peter Merrett - PBS 106.7 Melbourne, Australia

"Lo and behold what emerges from the depths of The New Jersey Delta, but an original bluesman steeped in the authentic blues tradition. Vin Mott and his band bring a blues sound rooted in the past, but that speaks of the present. No blues-rock posers here bull shucking about life on the road. They are putting down the real sound." 

- Greg "Bluesdog" Szalony - Blues Blast Magazine




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